Erich von Siebenthal is re-elected with a brilliant result

  24.10.2019 Local News

While people had to wait until almost midnight four years ago for the Bern results to come in, on Sunday, they were already announced by 9pm. With 102,660 votes, the Gstaad SVP national council was re-elected just as four years ago with the fifth best result. Erich von Siebenthal was grateful for the good result, having hoped for re-election based on the forecasts, but not necessarily counting on this, according to what he said in the Saanen Landhaus, where a few party friends and non-party supporters gathered to celebrate the re-election.  

A good 4200 votes for Michael Gehret
Michi Gehret from Feutersoey entered the race for the Green Liberals (glp). His 4282 votes were a remarkable result, taking him to 7th place amongst Green Liberal candidates. In a telephone interview, he was in great spirits and thanked everyone for their votes. He jokingly added that he was now able to unpack his bags again... 

Average voter participation
Just over 45 per cent of Swiss voters took part in the elections. In the canton of Berne, the proportion was 47.4 per cent and in the Obersimmental-Saanen electoral region, the turnout was at least 50.7 per cent (compared to 54.75 per cent four years ago). 

Election victory for the Greens and Green Liberals
The Greens celebrated an historic election victory on Sunday. They now have 28 seats on the National Council (an increase of 17). The election winners include the Green Liberals, who now have 16 seats (up by 9). The SVP (down by 12) has lost seats, as have the SP and the FDP (each down by 4). The SVP has 53 seats to remain the party with the most votes, ahead of the SP with 39 seats and the FDP with 29 seats. The CVP lagged behind the Greens with 25 seats (down by 3). The BDP lost its good proportion, with just 3 seats (down by 4). The party now has as many seats as the EPP (which was up by 1). 

In the canton of Bern, the SVP still has 7 seats (down by 2), the SP 4 (down by 2), with the Greens having 4 (up by 2). The glp has 3 seats (up by 1) and the FDP defended its two seats. The BDP is represented by 2 seats (down by 1), the EPP retains its one seat and the EDU is newly represented with one seat. 

More women in the Federal Parliament
Initial analyses of the election results show that the proportion of women on the National Council is up to 42 per cent. Women are coming to the fore, said Yvonne Schärli, president of the Federal Commission on Women's Matters: "Today, women have also come out on top. At last, we’re now better represented in Swiss politics."

Based on AvS/Anita Moser
Translated by Justine Hewson

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