Car driver has died after an accident

Mon, 07. Oct. 2019

A car driver died on 24 September in Saanen after an accident where he was the only party involved and despite immediate rescue attempts. Initial findings suggest that the accident may have been the result of a medical problem.

The car accident in Saanan was reported to the Regional Operations Centre of the Bern cantonal police on Tuesday 24 September shortly after 9.50am. According to reports, the car driver from Saanen had been driving in the general direction of Schönried and had reached the local government building via the opposite lane on the left of the road when he crashed into a perimeter wall.

The man was promptly treated by first responders and subsequently received medical treatment by an ambulance team and a Rega team. However, despite the rescue measures, the 77-year-old Swiss man from the canton of Bern died shortly afterwards. Based on current findings, it’s thought that the accident was caused by a medical problem.

During the work rescue work, traffic on Schönriedstrasse had to be diverted for about three and a half hours. Members of the Saanen fire brigade were involved in controlling the traffic.

Based on AvS
Translated by Justine Hewson



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