Tour de France legends at the Gstaad Bergkönig

Mon, 02. Sep. 2019

Some of the greatest Swiss cycling legends from the golden age will be among the list of participants of this year’s Bergkönig, including Urs Freuler, Albert Zweifel and Thomas Wegmüller.

The Bergkönig Gstaad takes place from 6th to 8th September 2019 and is Switzerland’s largest international vintage cycling festival. Held for the third time, the event will now span three days.

Racing bikes built before 1990 will be ridden in clothing from the era, i.e. woollen jerseys, caps and lace-up shoes. The participants can choose from a wide variety of routes that follow minor, traffic-free Alpine roads with fantastic views.

Around 20 food outlets will be important landmarks in the Bergkönig and places where cyclists can refuel and keep up their strength with regional products. Sausage and cheese will be on the menu in preference to energy gels and power bars.

Fans of the vintage era from all over the world will travel to Gstaad for this sporting event. Participants will come with their historic bicycles from Sweden, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Austria, Germany and even Canada.

Based on AvS
Translated by Justine Hewson


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