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Mon, 05. Aug. 2019
Isabelle Fregevu is getting some help from one of her dogs in her studio in Toulouse ...

GstaadLife’s new contributing cartoonist, Isabelle Fregevu, has illustrated feature stories in the last two issues of the magazine. But who is the artist behind the cartoons?

Isabelle, born and currently living in Toulouse, France, with three dogs, has been drawing ever since she was able to hold a pencil. Encouraged by her concerned parents to study science at university, “Za” put her passion aside for a while. She couldn’t stay away from her true calling for long though. After putting aside a more conservative career path, she followed her dream and began illustrating professionally for les editions Hachette. She is now an independent illustrator and works on projects for the fashion, automobile, and jewellery sectors, as well as illustrating books for editions Larousse, Le Robert, l’Opportun.

Her style is fresh, light-hearted, and above all very chic. She depicts the humour in everyday situations, sometimes very personal to her life, via a cast of delightful cartoon characters. While initially working extensively with gouache paints, Isabelle found that the colours and lightness of aquarelle reflect her personality and message more precisely. She is very active on her Instagram feed, sharing many of her drawings with her followers in what could be seen as her virtual gallery. A casual scroll through her latest posts is sure to incite a smile, and bring to mind the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

So how did Za come to grace the pages of GstaadLife? She put it very simply: friendship. She was invited to come to the Saanenland by a friend who has a chalet on the Wispile. Isabelle says she fell in love with the region, which has become a strong source of inspiration for her. “There is always something going on, the Saanenland has an extraordinary appeal. I am particularly drawn to the landscape, the magical charm of its chalets, and the courtesy of the Swiss.”

Anne Christine Kempton



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