A label for products from horned cows

Tue, 13. Aug. 2019

In November 2018, Swiss voters rejected the Horned Cow initiative with 54.7 % of votes. However, the supporters won’t give up: The association hornkuh.ch has launched a label for horned cow products.

“45.3 percent of the population voted in favour of the horned cow initiative. Now, work is in progress to promote the dignity of the animals. According to the press release, the new label H()H for horned cow products means that customers and producers can consciously work in favour of animals with horns.”

The new label was launched by Michi Gehret, who is also president of hornkuh.ch. He says: “The H()H label is a platform where producers of horned cow products can find their customers directly. With the H()H Charter, they’re committed to stopping the dehorning of their calves and also to offering meat, milk and other products from cows with horns. In concrete terms, we’re supporting producers who value animal welfare over financial gain.”

The label symbolises a return to happiness. Farmers need to be independent, says Gehret. “We customers are happy to pay the prices that are necessary for ecological products.”

An initial step
One aim of the label is to enable producers and consumers to decide for themselves whether the welfare of their animals is worthwhile and to consciously choose products from cows with horns. “This is a pragmatic initial step. We can only achieve so much ... ”

The label runs on a virtual farmer’s market, allowing breeders and farmers to register when they have the horned cow label endorsement. “Customers then simply need to use post codes to find providers in their region,” explained Gehret.

Based on AvS/Anita Moser
Translated by Justine Hewson

www.hornkuh.ch | www.hornlabel.ch | www.mär.it



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