Issue 6 | 2019 Editorial

Fri, 23. Aug. 2019

Cultural summer

Summertime is always Menuhin Festival time. Over almost two months one highlight of classical music follows the other.

Our contributor Anne Christine Kempton relates her rapture of listening to Fazil Say in the Saanen Church.

But the Saanenland does not only offer musical highlights. Various exhibitions deal with the region in one way or another.

The museum in Saanen hosts a cow portrait series. Marco Felix displays this most typical of Swiss animals bare of the usual bucolic backgrounds and surroundings.

Also in the Saanen museum, an exhibition remembers the visits to Saanen of Krishnamurti. His talks used to attract hundreds of people from all around the world. The exhibition may have a few answers as to what is left of his heritage and his teachings in the Saanenland.  

With the exhibiton Heimat the artist Alex Hank presents treasures of his personal collection of modern art. The title indicates that the artist has found Gstaad to be a home for him, too.

Those of you who are not into culture, just go straight to the column. Anna Charles has some tips on how to enjoy the region in a different way. 

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