Issue 5 | 2019 Editorial

Fri, 02. Aug. 2019

Innovation is a key characteristic of humankind. I guess we’d still be sitting in caves without it. This issue is packed with innovation, both on a local and international level.

Bertrand Piccard gave us the honour of discussing his previous achievements and his latest endeavours.

All of his projects seek to reach further through innovation. He does not see problems but challenges and – most of all – believes that there are solutions. Piccard argues that technological innovation is one of the key factors in tackling some of the major challenges humankind faces today.

We also remember an innovation made in Gstaad, namely the cable winch device now used on snow groomers all around the world. Three locals stuck their heads together more than thirty years ago with the aim of preparing the Tiger Run on the Wasserngrat.

Another innovation recently visited Saanen. The airport is known for the steep landing and take off as well as the short runway. Nevertheless – or rather because of this – Bombardier chose to show off their new business jet, Global 7500, in Saanen.

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Markus Iseli
Publishing director



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Some readers may still remember when the old bridge was built in 1967. It had to be renovated for the first time in 1981. A recent inspection showed that it was in a bad condition. Only part of the old foundation could be reused for the new bridge.