Hotel Alpenland: Traditional elements meet bold, modern features

Tue, 06. Aug. 2019
They dared to try something new without forgetting traditions: hotel owner and former federal councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann with managing director Michael Ming and hotel owner Dr. Willy Michel at the Züpfezmorge (from left) (Jenny Sterchi)

A surprise was in store, thanks to the hosts of this year's Züpfe­zmorge. In a completely redesigned dining room, the two hotel owners Dr. h.c Willy Michel and former federal councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann spoke of old times and new ideas.

The ceiling is decorated with glass lamps, the floor, a combination of stone and wood. The seating near the fireplace creates a lounge area. In addition, upon entering the renovated Alpenland restaurant, the rest of the seating and furniture really catch the eye. Traditional wooden chairs, tables and decor bring the room to life. The new concept of the Alpenland restaurant is chic and appealing, as well as traditional, regional and pure.

Numerous craftsmen, mostly from the region, have implemented the ideas of managing director Michael Ming, also collaborating with architects Jaggi & Partner AG. After just eleven weeks of renovation work, an inviting and generous space was the result and was certainly not lacking in a cosy ambience.

Owner interview instead of a guest speaker
Unlike the usual Züpfezmorge in the Alpenland, there wasn’t a guest speaker. Instead, the two owners of the hotel, Dr. h.c Willy Michel and former federal councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann spoke to the numerous guests. Organiser Regula Tanner led the question session with great charm.

It was revealed that former federal councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann had originally started a degree in veterinary medicine, only to discover shortly afterwards that he wanted to study electrical engineering at the ETH. Since leaving the federal council, he still often wears a tie in honour of his duties during his term of office.

On the other hand, Ypsomed founder Dr. Willy Michel admitted that he was better at delegating than using tools like a plane or screwdriver. Becoming a butcher as his father had wanted would have been impossible for him. His desire for an insight into the pharmaceutical industry led him to Basel at just 15 years of age. There, he had to stand on his own two feet.

During the conversation, both affirmed that they had discovered a great deal of the Saanenland and made good contacts with locals in. They both take a great interest in the region.

Based on AvS / Jenny Sterchi
Translated by Justine Hewson



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