Bombardier presentation in Saanen

Thu, 08. Aug. 2019
Eight years of development have gone into the Global 7500. (AvS)

Bombardier has developed a business jet capable of an incredible performance. The aircraft manufacturer showed off the Global 7500 to potential customers at Gstaad Airport.

On Thursday 4 July at 8am, the Global 7500 was inaugurated at Gstaad Airport in Saanen. Walter Egger, chairman of the board of Gstaad Airport AG, was thrilled: “It’s a real milestone to have the fantastic Global 7500 at Gstaad Airport in the middle of the Alpine foothills.”

Last summer, a Dassault Falcon 7X landed in Saanen, having come directly from Los Angeles. “Now, we’ve been able to receive the brand new long-haul Global 7500 jet. We’re very proud and this shows the confidence in our renewed facilities, as well as in the airport staff.” The fact that Bombardier selected Gstaad Airport as the place for the presentation just goes to show how important the updated airport facility is for the destination.

The Saanenland as a dream destination
Landing in the Alps is a challenge for large aircrafts, but the Global 7500 has mastered it very well. “We’re very happy to prove we can carry out steep take-offs and landings, as well as use short runways in Saanen,” said a happy member of Bombardier’s executive board, Christophe Degoumois, who was present in Saanen.

The employees of Gstaad Airport and Bombardier went through meticulous preparations for the big moment: Logistics, safety, fuelling, various procedures and catering needs all required detailed planning.

Egger also acknowledges the outstanding work of Degoumois and his team in presenting the jet to potential customers with roots in Gstaad.

Based on AvS
Translated by Justine Hewson



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