J. Krishnamurti in Saanen, 1961–1985

Wed, 17. Jul. 2019

The Museum der Landschaft Saanen is hosting an exhibition this summer – 13 July to 22 September – on the spiritual philosopher and educator J. Krishnamurti.

It will highlight his work and long association with Saanen, where he gave public talks for thousands of people from many parts of the world every summer from 1961 to 1985.

The depth of Krishnamurti’s insight has been acknowledged by many philosophers, psychologists, religious people and serious inquirers in every field.

He was adamant that what was important was his message and not ‘the speaker’. The truth he was talking about could only be discovered by each person. He saw his teaching as a mirror held up to the human condition.

His work is a remarkable inquiry into the universal human psyche, its destructive aspects as well as humanity’s deep potential. While he felt that a religious mind is required for this potential to come to fruition, for him this did not imply any sectarian association or doctrinal stance.

According to Krishnamurti we have been programmed, conditioned to live in conflict. Most of the problems emerge from illusions generated by the accumulated psychological past. The central illusion is that there is a psychological agent or self. But there is no separate agency, there is no thinker. There is simply conditioned reaction that is given continuity by the cumulative momentum of experience, knowledge, language, education and tradition.

The human condition can be radically changed if we have the intention, if we observe very clearly without any prejudice, without any direction, without any motive, what we are. Such first-hand inquiry is the state of meditation, the essence of the religious mind, with its beauty, compassion, intelligence and silence. For Krishnamurti, only in such silence, in the total absence of the psychological self, can truth reveal itself in timelessness and in our actual living.

Naturally, an exhibition of this kind can offer only a glimpse into a vast perspective on the human condition. But even a glimpse of a remarkable vista can be enough to change a person.

C G Herr and J Gomez-Rodriguez



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