Issue 4 | 2019 Editorial

Fri, 12. Jul. 2019
Issue 4 | 2019 is full of attitude

The beach volleyball tournament has just begun as I am writing these lines. That’s when the Promenade is getting more crowded again and one knows for sure that high summer has arrived.  

The Swatch Major Gstaad celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, which makes it the most traditional stop of the World Tour since its first edition in 2000! This sounds like an achievement that took passion and determination from organisers and volunteers, some of which have been part of the tournament since the very beginning.

Pascal Rittener-Ruff is also full of determination. In a daring attempt to cultivate wine grapes in high altitudes, he had to realise that cantonal regulations are the bigger challenge in this endeavour than the Alpine climate.

Last but not least, Emilie Tschanz displays her determination in what she likes doing best: sailing. Braving the elements can be tough and so is reconciling sailing, school and family. She puts every spare minute (and quite a few school days) into her sport and is representing Switzerland at the World Championships at the tender age of 16.

Best regards,

Markus Iseli
Publishing director


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