Will Gstaad soon be more expensive than St. Moritz?

Tue, 04. Jun. 2019

Gstaad comes in second behind St. Moritz in the market rankings for holiday apartments in the Swiss Alpine region. However, the impression is that the local region will soon take the lead. By contrast, second-rate locations are experiencing a price slump. 

According to a UBS study published last week, two contrasting trends have emerged over the last year in the property market for Swiss Alpine locations. First-class regions like Gstaad enjoyed a price increase of 11.3 percent per square meter for high-standard apartments. Lenzerheide is an example of a second-class location and, by contrast, it saw a seven percent price drop.

More details on these development in our print issues.

Based on AvS / Sara Trailovic
Translated by Justine Hewson


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