Issue 3 | 2019 Editorial

Fri, 21. Jun. 2019

We are very happy to introduce a new feature in the magazine. It is colourful, funny, elegant and always topical.

Isabelle Fregevu creates beautiful aquarelles and is doing so for GstaadLife now. She has a unique style, which is highly recognisable and most enjoyable.
It's the lightness of her brush that grabs my attention with all her illustrations and the ease with which she transforms an idea. Her scenes are such that I would love to join them right away.
We hope you won't mind her occupying page 5 this season to introduce a topic that we cover in the magazine.
For starters we make use of this opportunity to congratulate the  mountain railways BDG and Andrea Scherz, GM of the Gstaad Palace. They both won big earlier this year.
Sometimes it's good to have an outside view, which may be less critical or just more optimistic than the inside view.
If one tends to lament the downsides of some developments and sees the difficulties more prominently than the opportunities, the awards show that many efforts bear fruit.
I hope you will enjoy your stay in the Saanenland.

Markus Iseli
Publishing Director



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Some readers may still remember when the old bridge was built in 1967. It had to be renovated for the first time in 1981. A recent inspection showed that it was in a bad condition. Only part of the old foundation could be reused for the new bridge.