World Bee Day on 20 May: A call for the protection of biodiversity

Mon, 20. May. 2019
Bees are an indicator of a healthy environment.

The massive decline in biodiversity over recent years has worried professionals as well as large numbers of the population. On the one hand, bees are directly affected, but they also play an important role in preserving biodiversity.

For years, bees and the difficulty they face in surviving have been subjects of public interest. This awareness is increasing. From "bee mortality" to "insect death", the focus has now shifted to declining biodiversity. "Both wild bees and honey bees are suffering greatly from the dramatic decline in biodiversity. A diverse and sustained food supply is missing." This is what Mathias Götti Limacher, central president of Bees Switzerland has to say, adding: "Wild bees also lack places to nest." This is partly down to the Swiss being very tidy. Wilder gardens, rotten trees in hedgerows or roadsides with ditches and hollows would make ideal nesting places.

However, bees aren’t just suffering due to the decline in biodiversity. They are also an important part of it. The survival of all species of wild and honey bees is key to ensuring pollination. "That's exactly where we want to start. Beekeepers are close to nature and are committed to the protection of bees,” said Association President Mathias Götti Limacher. "We want to support beekeepers in their activities and their commitment to protecting bees and preserving biodiversity. World Bee Day is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to this concern.”

Do you have a rotting tree or an insect hotel on your premises? What is your contribution to biodiversity? Share in the comments section below.

Based on AvS
Translated by Justine Hewson



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