Apartment building is uninhabitable after a fire

Tue, 14. May. 2019

On Tuesday 7 May, a fire broke out in a house of multiple occupation in Saanen. The building is no longer habitable. The cantonal police of Berne have begun investigations into the cause of the fire. 

According to the cantonal police, a report of a fire in a house of multiple occupation on Bortgässli, Saanen, was received on Tuesday 7 May shortly before 11.20am. The Saanen fire brigade was deployed immediately and put out the fire. Residents who had been in the house at the time were all able to make their own way out. One person was suspected of smoke inhalation and was checked there and then by an ambulance crew. The house was badly damaged and is now uninhabitable.

In addition to the Saanen fire brigade and the Bern cantonal police, the canton of Bern’s care team was also in action.

The canton of Bern police has started investigations into the cause of the fire and the level of property damage.

41 firefighters in action

"The house was ablaze when our crew arrived," said Christian Brand, fire chief for the municipality of Saanen. “All residents were already safe at this time." Temporary accommodation for those affected was provided by relatives and the community.

"The 41 firefighters who attended the fire quickly brought it under control," said the commander. Extinguishing the fire took considerable time. Overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, the Saanen fire brigade carried out a fire watch on the building.

Donation account for those affected

Three families (a total of seven people) lost all their belongings in this devastating fire. The municipality of Saanen has set up a donation account for those affected and the details are: Saanen Bank, IBAN CH89 0634 2016 1040 2081 0, reference: Hausbrand Saanen (Saanen house fire).

Based on AvS / Sara Trailovic
Translated by Justine Hewson


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