Construction project Bergquelle gets the green light

  08.04.2019 Gstaad Living

"The Bergquelle institution is firmly rooted in the region and we aim to keep it this way," said Pierre-Yves Geiser, president of the construction commission. Along with the Spitalmatte project in Zweisimmen, those in charge have taken a big step closer to their goal of providing the residents with a future-oriented solution. 

Clever planning with heart and soul

After an intensive planning phase, an L-shaped building has been designed. Its location ensures that day-to-day life isn’t significantly affected by emissions from the main street. Apartments and studios are planned on the first two floors of the Bergquelle. So, the use of the building will be flexible and adaptable to suit the residents' individual needs. Offices and communal areas complete the offering. A cleverly planned balcony offers another access point and ensures the optimal use of the area. On the top floor of the compact building, Alterswohnen STS AG will have 14 studio apartments for assisted living.

To make best use of the space, the planners have designed a basement with useful adjoining rooms. For cost reasons, parking spaces have been created above ground. A spacious garden provides for the well-being of the residents and this has natural boundaries, including raised beds, pergolas and wooden structures, so no fencing is needed for security.

Costs are under control

According to the cost plan for the construction project, the estimated expenditure will be around CHF 9m, give or take 15%. "We’ve chosen to use a procedure to keep finances under control and are pleased to say that our calculations will be more accurate," promised architect Beat Kuhnen of Archart Architecture AG, Lenk. Divided into apartments, the Bergquelle is paying for 63.2% of the construction costs and Alterswohnen STS AG for 36.8%.

The Assembly unanimously approved the proposed construction and the loan of CHF 5.7m. The attendees had faith in this decision, as Pierre-Yves Geiser, an accomplished banker, gave his assurance that this investment was sustainable for the Bergquelle. Using their own funds, as well as generous donations and community contributions, the capital loan required was only CHF 2.1m.

A planning application will be submitted in the summer of 2019 and the building permit is likely to be granted next winter. If the project doesn’t face too many hurdles, the move from the Kuhnenhaus and the Burgbühl should take place in the summer or autumn of 2021.

Based on AvS/Vreni Müllener
Translated by Justine Hewson

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