An old custom for carpenters

Tue, 26. Mar. 2019

When the old Gstaad fire brigade store was demolished in November 2018, the demolition team discovered the message shown on the picture.

Leaving messages for a client or someone to find these later is known to be an old custom among carpenters. Usually, these messages are nailed or screwed somewhere and hidden away.

Interesting details have been reproduced from the years 1964-1965 written in the "Chronicle of the Gstaad Fire Department", by Gustav Dubi of Ebnit, born in 1937. On the back of the wooden slats, Gustav Dubi had written down prices of drinks and other supplies from 1965. Here is the exact reproduction:

Wine and beer prices 1965 on 30 January. In the restaurant, 1 decilitre Weisse Balon = 1 Fr., 5 decilitres = 3.80 Fr., 1liter = 7.50 Fr.

1 decilitre Rote Balon = 1.10 Fr., 5 decilitres. = 5 Fr., 1 litre = 9 Fr.

Beer, 1 glass, 3 decilitres = 0.55 Fr., 5 decilitres. = 0.85 Fr., 1 bottle, 7 decilitres. = 1.20 Fr.

Special Beer 1 glass 3 decilitres. = 0.65 Fr., 5 decilitres. = 0.90 Fr., 1 bottle, 7 decilitres = 1.50 Fr.

Ovomaltine 0.80 Fr., large schnapps 1.20 - 1.50 Fr., house coffee 1.50 Fr., coffee with milk 0.80 Fr., coffee extra 1.50 Fr.

Each 3 decilitre bottle of mineral water costs 1 Fr. - 1.50 Fr., ditto fruit juice, 1 standard pack of cigarettes, 1 Fr.

Hourly rate of carpenters, 4.70 - 5.70 Fr.

Based on AvS/Anja Moosmann
Translated by Justine Hewson


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