Healthy sleep, healthy aging

Tue, 05. Mar. 2019
Courtesy of Hästens

Hästens Store Saanen supports World Sleep Day on 15 March.

45% of the world’s population are threatened by the burden of sleep problems. It is estimated that sleep deprivation costs the US over $400 billion a year, with the UK losing $50 billion or Germany $60 billion. 15 March is the 12th annual World Sleep Day, an internationally recognised awareness event bringing researchers, health professionals and patients together. 2019 will incorporate the slogan, “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging”, intended to emphasize the importance of sleep in overall health at any age. This focus is purposefully broad in meaning, surrounding the message that quality of life can be improved with healthy sleep. Conversely, when sleep fails, health declines, decreasing quality of life. Sound sleep is a treasured function and one of the core pillars of health.
“Hästens has been working on sound sleep for more than 160 years now,” explains Stefan Ryter of Hästens store Saanen. “The bed you choose decides the quality of your life. That’s why we place such high demands on exact craftsmanship and natural materials. Whoever belongs to the threatened 45% should not hesitate to visit us.”

Hästens Store, Dorfstrasse 66, Saanen.



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