Do you remember Chalet Marie José?

Thu, 07. Mar. 2019
Chalet Marie José around 1950 (Courtesy of Isabelle Jolly-Nève)

Chalet Marie José was the first private boarding school in Gstaad. It was founded in 1912  and temporary home to royals from Belgium, Italy and Spain amongst others.

GstaadLife is reaching out to its readership to find, document and preserve information and memories of and about this school. Did you go to school at Marie José or do you know someone who did? Then let us know and write to!



My mother and her sister attended Marie Jose in the mid-thirties and my sister and I attended in 1959-60. I will try searching for old photos and send them on. My grandparents lived in Gstaad for many years so we had a place to visit and watch as so many changes took place. Grandma played the organ or piano at the small white church on the main road through town (there is a bank across the street now).
I was at the Marie josé in 1957/1958. And I keep a very good souvenir .
I went to Marie José from 1963 to 1966. As an English boy and thus an English speaker I remember being instructed to look after John John Kennedy (as he was known as then). I have a number of photos of the time and meeting up with “Les anciens du Marie José” of which there are a large number in the Saanenland is always great fun as each and every one has a different memory of the place.
I went to Chalet Marie Jose for one year 1950/1951 for "the good Swiss air". I fell deeply in love with Corinne Roland then of 16th arrondissement in Paris & simultaneously with the Princess Shahnaz of Persia (as it was) now living I believe in i Paris. All lessons were in French,which was tough to start with but I became reasonably fluent & still speak with a decent accent. I learnt to Ski. It was a great time. Sir Peter Ohlson Bt.
J'ai passé 6 années au chalet Marie José de 1945 à 1951! Je me souviens très bien de Corinne dont j'étais aussi amoureux. Je l'ai revue plusieurs fois à Paris et même une fois marié. Je me souviens de Shahnaz qui faisait comme moi du piano. Je me souviens de Brian Sweeny fils du Duc d'Argyll. Quelles merveilleuses années et grace au ski obligatoire, j'ai été un bon skieur par la suite... Très heureux de retrouver un ancien!!
I attended Marie Jose in the mid-1960's and went to the riding academy with Monsieur Yersin (sp) in the village. I remember that Elizabeth Taylors' children (Michael, Lisa and I can't remember the other sons name. I know that Katrina Vanderlip went there as well and "Kit" Hamilton.
I went to Marie Jose around 1960. There are a number of alumni that have like myself settled in Saanenland or have a chalet that I have come across . I hope they make themselves known to you. I may have a few photos if I search my attic. I hope you get a good response.
How about Montesano?! We actually have a group of about 150 girls who have stayed in contact over the years on FB. Lots of photos and memories. Just a thought.
Dear Ms North Many thanks for your suggestion. We were planning to focus on Marie José as the first private establishment of this kind in Gstaad. However, memories, stories and pictures from other institutes may be of interest as well and might be included. Maybe you can share more information via email on

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