What’s your frequency?

Fri, 18. Jan. 2019

Elevation 1049, an art concept with site-specific outdoor exhibitions, visits the Saanenland for its third winter iteration.

The basic concept of outdoor installations strewn over the region remains the same but his upcoming edition, entitled Frequencies, will introduce new elements. Over the official opening weekend 1-3 February a group of visual and performing artists will present live performances in various locations.

Thematically the 2019 edition will revolve around the notion of frequencies, which Doug Aitken’s installation Mirage Gstaad will literally reflect with an architectural installation that mirrors the light, the sky and interacts with the surrounding landscape. His work will remain in place for the duration of two years.

As in previous years, Elevation 1049 is curated by Neville Wakefield and Olympia Scarry.


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