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Mon, 07. Jan. 2019
Joining forces to open their own venue (from left): Ahmet Bicik, Cloé le Pallec and Murat Bicik (Jenny Sterchi)

To add to the fine array of restaurants and cafes in Gstaad, there’s now a new coffee lounge and drinks bar. On 6 December, brothers Ahmet and Murat Bicik and their team opened the doors of their new venture. They’ve called it Bro's.

Inside, elegant metal bar stools blend perfectly with the contemporary wooden decor and warm-coloured soft furnishings. Managing directors Ahmet and Murat Bicik have been working hard since September to get Bro’s ready. According to Ahmet Bicik, it only took seconds to choose the name for their business. The two brothers thought Bro’s was the obvious choice for their new project.

The people behind Bro's
Ahmet and Murat Bicik had previously spent a long period working together at the Arc-en-ciel restaurant. They wanted to put their wealth of experience into their own catering business. They invited Cloé le Pallec to join them, whom they also know from their time at the Arc-en-ciel and who also brings considerable expertise to the new venue.

A great idea for a meeting place
Bro’s welcomes everyone to enjoy a bite to eat or a drink from early in the morning to late at night. The wonderful aroma of coffee pervades and guests can enjoy an evening drink with friends in a comfortable atmosphere. “When we opened our business, we wanted to provide an all-year-round meeting place for locals,” said Ahmet Bicik, explaining the concept behind Bro’s.

Combining forces to reach new heights
The fact that the Chesery Club is very close (in fact, it’s directly opposite) isn’t a problem in terms of competition. Both businesses want to take advantage of their proximity to offer joint events, providing an exciting, all-round evening programme for late-night revellers.

Justine Hewson / AvS



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