On a film set with Karim Ojjeh

  20.01.2019 Sports & Leisure

The backdrop could hardly have been a more idyllic as the late summer sun blazed down in a cloudless sky above the Rellerli on the day that the two-person camera team began filming in the Saanenland. The two film specialists had already filmed Ojjeh during a race in Budapest. The fact that he won that race was a great bonus for the film.

Reporting on successful BMW motorsport racing drivers
The BMW company planned to make a documentary on the BMW customer races. They chose three amateur racing drivers and decided to make a short film about them. Among others, they chose Ojjeh. He’d enjoyed an excellent season with impressive results. Before the last race of the season took place in Barcelona, he was already celebrating winning the championship title in his category.

The documentary aimed to follow the racing driver around on the track, as well as in everyday life. He invited the film crew, Magdalena and Markus, to the Rellerli to show them his homeland. “This view practically moves me to tears,” enthused Magdalena, the camerawoman. After taking shots of his home in Schönried, the three then went to Gstaad.

Ojjeh’s commitments
In addition to motor sports, Karim Ojjeh also runs his own clothing brand and supports the management team of the Ruci restaurant in Gstaad. The clothes from his collection helped to set the scene when filming took place, as well as Ruci ice cream – something Ojjeh absolutely loves. The camera team were very much impressed by the Saanenland and presented the protagonist in a great light. “He’s a very likeable actor and gives spontaneous answers when interviewed. He’s also happy with practically every shot” agreed Magdalena and Markus.

Justine Hewson / AvS

Title win for Karim Ojjeh

Karim Ojjeh is champion in the 2018 Blancpain GT Sports Club. The Team Boutsen Ginion Racing driver in the BMW M6 GT3 laid claim to the title at the penultimate race weekend of the season at the beginning of September after winning the main race at the Hungaroring. This was Ojjeh’s first title in the Blancpain GT Sports Club. His sixth class win of the season also saw him win the trophy for overall victory in the
Titanium Cup. Congratulations!

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