Gstaad's cuisine comes out on top

Mon, 17. Dec. 2018

At the start of October, Gault&Millau published their annual gourmet guide. The Saanenland benefits from 13 of the best Swiss restaurants and Gstaad is home to eight of these, making it one of the most important places for the best gastronomy in the Berne region.

Swiss chefs have been put through their paces this year. When Gault&Millau awarded their points, they took the following into account: quality and freshness of the products, creativity and professionalism of the preparation, blend of ingredients used in the dishes and menu sequence. Also taken into consideration were precision of cooking times, the wholesomeness and presentation of the dishes and consistent performance in the kitchen. In addition, the personal tastes of those sampling the food played a role.

The judges can award between 12 to 20 points to restaurants, although the top score of 20 points has never been awarded in Switzerland.

13 restaurants from the Saanenland were selected
According to the latest Gault&Millau guide, anyone seeking a good restaurant in Saanen will definitely find what they’re looking for. A total of 13 restaurants were awarded 13 to 18 points.

One of the top climbers of the ranking is La Gare in the Bernerhof Hotel, which is new among the best, with 13 points. Restaurants that aren’t listed this year include the Avenue Montagne Restaurant in Park Gstaad, the Golfclub Gstaad-Saanenland and the Golfhotel Les Hauts de Gstaad with its Belle Epoque Restaurant.

We’re still waiting for the Leonard’s restaurant in Le Grand Bellevue to be rated. This is currently being run by a new chef, Marcus G. Lindner and the hotel has been restructuring its kitchens. The gourmet
guide predicts excellent dishes from this restaurant.

18 points received for two Gstaad restaurants
Once again this year, the Chesery has scored 18 points under chef Robert Speth. Chef Martin Göschel from Sommet in The Alpina Gstaad is also among those in this league. The judges praised his “extraordinary culinary skills and creativity”.

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