Fancy fondue blend

  31.12.2018 Local News

Gstaad Dairy has this new special blend on offer for curious cheese lovers. The partnership between Gstaad Dairy and Saane Gutsch Bier, a locally produced beer, was officially launched on 19 December.

In a market that has known many developments to make sure our taste buds don’t get bored by the eternal winter classic, beer is not your prime suspect. Champagne and truffles are favourite festive blends, but René Ryser, managing director of Gstaad Dairy, and Jürg Domke, brewer of Saane Gutsch, now offer an enticing alternative with their beer fondue.

It is not just about keeping taste buds on their toes, though. “We are expecting better visibility for our brands with this new product,” Ryser explains. And Domke adds, “the cooperation between Gstaad Dairy and Saane Gutsch creates a win-win situation for the two enterprises.”

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