From anywhere to Gstaad Airport

  31.12.2018 Gstaad Living

Jetfly is a Luxembourg-based enterprise, with a fleet of 21 Swiss-manufactured Pilatus PC-12 and four twin jet Pilatus PC-24 by December 2019. It is the largest Pilatus fleet in Europe. Fast and pressurized, these aircrafts offer a level of comfort and equipment that can be found on larger business jets. Their versatility enables Jetfly to access large international airports as well as smaller airfields, like the one in Saanen.

Saanen is a well-known destination for their pilots, who profit from special trainings for accessing airfields with challenging approaches as the one of Gstaad Airport. With 180 annual aircraft movements from and to the Saanenland, Jetfly pilots know exactly how to approach the local airport and passengers can relax until they step out into the fresh mountain air.

Jetfly offers absolute discretion and care-free packages with catering, limousine transfers or any other special requests their passengers may have.

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