Markus G. Lindner returns to Gstaad

  10.08.2018 Local News

In December 2017, the hotel took over the business of Robert Speth. With the arrival of 57-year-old Lindner, Le Grand Bellevue has someone new and inspiring to add to their team. Having Lindner as part of the team compliments the already substantial gastronomic array of the luxury hotel. Among other star-level restaurants such as Leornard’s, Chesery, Le Petit Chalet, The Sushi Bar and the new Le Grand Catering, Le Grand Bellevue is very pleased to have found Lindner as yet another award-winning chef for the five-star hotel. He will help lead the position of Gstaad as a spectacular destination as well as enrich its gastronomic landscape. “Le Grand Bellevue already offers an exceptional variety in terms of gastronomy. We are delighted that Marcus G. Lindner will round off the culinary experience at the highest level and that we will have another highly-regarded chef de cuisine on board” says managing director and owner Daniel Koetser.

Creating a road between tradition and innovation, Marcus G. Lindner is looking forward to his new role at Le Grand Bellevue. “It is a pleasure to work with Robert Speth and the existing pro team”, says Lindner. As a chef, he is intrigued mostly by being able to connect something that has always existed and is traditional with the new and extraordinary. He is able to prove time after time that tradition can go hand in hand with innovation.

Lindner has not been away from Gstaad for long. He was the man behind the culinary delights of The Alpina Gstaad until 2017. Afterwards he moved to Zurich, where he was working at the Fifa headquarters. From 17 August, he will take over the gastronomic future of Le Grand Bellevue and from December 2018, he will present his creations at Leonard’s.

Sophie Rieder / AvS


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