Huus Hotel bans straws

  06.08.2018 Local News

The WWF estimates that between 4.8 and 12.7m tonnes of plastic waste end up in our oceans every year. Today, there are around 86m tonnes of plastic in our oceans. “The plastic garbage returns via the natural cycle to our drinking water and food. Micro plastic spoils fish quality and endangers stocks. By discontinuing the use of plastic straws, we are making another step to try and help protect the environment”, explains Huus Director Mirka Czybik.

Environmental protection is a big issue at Huus Hotel. Plastic and plastic bags have largely stopped being used and have been replaced with recycled paper and the use of cardboard. Cleaning and rinsing agents are minimally dosed and motion sensors for lights have been installed in the public areas of the hotel and in all corridors.

A consistent waste separation will be implemented, according to a press release. Plastic straws have been discontinued in order to keep up with the want to protect the environment. For guests who do not want to miss out on a drinking straw there are environmentally friendly straws that are 100% biodegradable as an alternative.

Sophie Rieder / AvS

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