Summer wakeboarding on Hornberg

  30.07.2018 Sports & Leisure

The Wake up Gstaad project started last winter with some crowdfunding. In the early summer the members of the project had been working over the weekends getting everything prepared, such as the power supply. It was all done eagerly with the want to be able to make the first wakeboard ride. A great amount of consideration about the set-up of Wake up Gstaad had to come into mind as it is a summer activity and must be completely dismantled in the fall in preparation for the winter season.

The fitter from Sesitec, a German based manufacturer of the system, came to the Saanenland to help with the set-up. Together with the local initiators, they set up the two masts, hooked up the rope and put the system into operation for the first time in early June. Wake up Gstaad initiators Björn Schär, Hannes Marmet, Frederic Thoenen, Raphael Wenger, Michel Hediger and president Marco Reinle took care of the first tests, of course.

This wakeboard facility means people can have summer and winter activities in the same place. During the high season, the facility on the Hornbergsee will be open daily.

When the summer is nearing to a close Wake up Gstaad is aiming to still operate over the weekends. During operating hours an extra person has to be hired in order to operate and maintain the system. All equipment needed for the activity can be rented on site. There is no need to worry about what to do if you are spectating or waiting for your turn to hit the water as the bar Pasatiempo has been set up by the shore of the lake.

With this new summer activity, a number of offers for tourists are opening up. Gstaad Saanenland Tourism and Gstaad Marketing have Wake up Gstaad in their list of activities for the summer. There have also been discussions with the hoteliers’ association in order to integrate this new activity into the existing structure. Cooperation with the two restaurants on the Hornberg is also in the interest of Wake up Gstaad.

Sophie Rieder / AvS

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