Lo Carroz di Bossons, the new “home” for car collectors’ cars

Tue, 17. Jul. 2018

Numerous car enthusiasts from near and far took part in the opening of Lo Carroz di Bossons in Château-D’Oex in late June. Many Damounais, as residents of Château-D’Oex are called, also took the opportunity to visit the new and improved premises of the refurbished storage space for cars.

In the lively centre of Château-D’Oex, the new owner of the building formerly used by Chalet Matti spent almost a year rebuilding. The ground floor has been rented by “La Consommation”. Office space has been created on the upper floor of the building. Lo Carroz di Bossons is being run in the basement under the management of Jacqueline Roulet.

The large space has room for more than 80 cars. Lo Carroz di Bossons offers a number of services ranging from storage to complete restoration. With reasonable rates the cars are stored under professional and climate controlled conditions. The cars can also be cleaned, checked and maintained if so desired.

The comfortable and tastefully furnished lounge area with a great view of the automotive gems gives the customers an opportunity to hold private events. As shown by the successful inauguration aperitif, the large area is suitable for entertaining many guests. Having the possibility to divide the space in the room, it also makes smaller companies feel at ease. Jaqueline Roulet emphasized that Lo Carroz di Bossons should also be a meeting place to exchange and have a good time with everyone. “We would like to contribute to the liveliness of Château-D'Oex” says Roulet.  
Sophie Rieder / AvS



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