Hiking trails remain closed

  24.07.2018 Local News

The option of an alternative route is currently being looked into and the good news is that according to the municipality of Gsteig the Sanetsch cable car could commence operations as per usual in mid-June.

The rock fall that happened on the Spitzhorn covered part of the Sanetschpassweg and parts of the Rotegrabe-Burg hiking trail on 23 October 2017, making the routes impassable. For safety reasons and after careful examination of the damage the rock fall caused, the authorities have decided to keep the trails closed. Although there have been no rock activities observed in the past weeks, further slips cannot yet be ruled out.

According to the media release, the situation remains dangerous and is likely to stay this way in the coming years. It is crucial to be aware of this blockage and under no circumstances should people enter the area of danger, emphasizes Paul Reichenbach of the municipal administration.

In order to remain an attractive hiking area despite the recent closure the municipality of Gsteig have developed a project with the association Berner Wanderwege. This project involves creating new lines of the affected hiking trails. In order to open up these new sections of the route, a visit was required. The municipal administration organized a meeting with the representatives of various offices and associations. It is certain that the hiking trails are required to go through the procedure of obtaining building permission.

The municipality of Gsteig is making a real effort to keep things moving for these trails. It is important to note that the Sanetsch cable car is not at all affected by the rock fall and could start operating as usual. It is not possible to cross by foot on the way to the Sanetsch yet or from there to Gsteig. Visitors must travel up and down via the cable car. The cable car is expected to be open until 21 October. The circular route around the Sanetsch reservoir is also not affected by the rock fall and can be enjoyed by foot.

Sophie Rieder / AvS


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