Saanenland Scores at BEA

Mon, 28. May. 2018

The 125 most beautiful cows were on display at the 32nd annual Bernese Elite Show on May 11th. The competition consisted of 14 categories of the three races—Simmental, Swiss Fleckvieh, and Red Holstein/Holstein.

The Saanenland did well, with two local cows earning podium places. In Category 6 (Swiss Fleckvieh,  First Lactation), it was once again Anjou Anita from Ferdinand Bergmann, Abländschen, that seduced the judges.With a harmonious figure and best udder, she earned a well-deserved 2nd place.

Category 10 (Simmental, Second lactation) held four Saanenland cows. Third place was won by Franz Marina from Jakob and Jonathan Trachsel, Feutersoey, who boasted a well-proportioned body.

Representing the Obersimmental was Miss BEA award-winning Swiss Fleckvieh Pierolet Suleika from Andrea and Urs Perrren of St. Stephan.




They are magnificent. Show more pictures!

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