Isabelle Henchoz Wins Special Prize

Tue, 22. May. 2018

On 14 May, the "Prix Femme de l'Année", Woman of the Year prize, was awarded in Monaco. Isabelle Henchoz, board member of the Capdenho association, was awarded the "Prix Spécial Monte Carlo Femme de l 'Année 2018" for her work within the Capdenho association.

Last Monday, the women of the year were honored in Monaco for their exceptional work in women and sports. Since 2012, the "Prix de l'Année" has been awarded annually to women from all over the world on a specific theme.

Isabelle Henchoz came to the Pays-d'Enhaut as a French teacher and taught in Rougemont. When she found herself in a wheelchair ten years ago after an illness, she became involved in the Capdenho association, which works for disabled people. In addition to her work on the board, Henchoz is particularly concerned with barrier-free access to public infrastructure. Capdenho also works to allow people with physical disabilities to engage in sporting activities, such as tandem skiing, which now has a summer counterpart. Isabelle Henchoz is the first Swiss woman to receive the award since it was created. 

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