"Crown Season" Has Begun

Mon, 21. May. 2018

Spring has sprung, and the wrestling “crown season” has begun. After many spring events, the first of the celebrated matches which bestow crowns on the winners took place May 5 and 6.

Christian Stucki came out on top and took the wreath with six wins. Two fine wrestlers from the Saanenland were there but did not score wreaths—André Zahler et Dominic Annen.

The wrestling season continued at the Emmental Wrestling Festival in Zollbrück last weekend. Representatives of the Saanenland, Andy Mösching Andy and brothers Florian and Philip Aellen all attended the competition.

Philip Aellen had a strong start and passed the first two matches. After losing the third, he returned victorious in the fourth. Unfortunately, he did not earn a wreath, due to a loss in the fifth round and in the sixth against champion Colin Schlüchtern.

Florian had a similar parcours. After victorious start, he lost the second match against Patrick Schenk. Two victories followed, before he lost to Thomas Sempach. In the last round he had to give up and was defeated by Lorenz Berger.

Andy Mösching unfortunately lost the chance to take home a wreath when he lost to Martin Aeschlimann in the fifth round. In the sixth, and last, round, he conquered Remo Stalder.

Despite their mixed performances last weekend, the wrestlers from the Saanenland did not return with wreaths. The season has just begun, so there is hope for improvement.


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