Tower sheds blue skin

Mon, 23. Apr. 2018

The tower between Saanen and Gstaad will be turned into its originals state over the next weeks. After the installation as part of the art event Elevation 1049, the building has towered between the villages in its blue glory for four years.

In 2014, the artist Ugo Rondinone produced one of the most viewed installation of the art event Elevation 1049. Situated next to the main road between Saanen and Gstaad, hundreds of people pass it every day. The Luma Foundation, who organised Elevation 1049, states that they are very happy the tower remained blue for an additional period of time after the official exhibition was over.

It remains to be seen if the removal of the colour will cause as many reactions as its application four years ago.



This is the best news I have had for along time !!!!

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