Spital STS AG seeks new location for the ambulance

Mon, 12. Mar. 2018

When the ambulance stations Saanenland and Obersimmental were merged, Spital STS AG decided to station their vehicles in Saanenmöser, which allows a fast response in both directions. This is something they attempt to keep.

Saanenmöser proved to be a good location for the ambulance, a decision that will not be questioned. Still, there is a need for a new station. The train barrier in the village of Saanenmöser is the main reason. Having to cross the tracks every time the ambulance answers a call of duty can result in sensitive delays in cases when every second counts.

However, there are other reasons that speak for a new location as well. Once the ambulances will be replaced, which may be in a couple of years, the new vehicles will be considerably larger. Additional material that has been acquired over the years poses a further challenge to the space available.

Beat Baumgartner, director of EMS at Spital STS AG, emphasises that they are looking for a solution in Saanenmöser. One option is a new building on the premises of the social services, which is being evaluated by the municipal administration now and open for public participation.



It seems that the ambulance or hopefully the ambulances will be the new "Emergency health care" that replaces the Saanen Hospital. Our thanks to the Canton of Bern for providing the Gstaad region with some medical attention even if on wheels but better equipped when replaced in a couple of years!

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