Fighting food waste in hotels

Fri, 23. Mar. 2018

Food waste has become a big issue throughout the whole chain from producers to consumers. The interest group Procurement of the Hotelierverein Gstaad-Saanenland now collaborates with a specialised firm to reduce food waste.

Recently a first collection of data took place. Over a period of four weeks, eight hotels collected all the food that would normally have landed in the bin. The result is a real eye opener. 17.5 tonnes of food went from the plates into the rubbish. This makes an average of 116g per dish. The Swiss average is at 80g per dish, so the hotels were considerably higher.

The campaign already showed effects as it was still running. The detailed analysis of the data shows in the last week of the test period, considerably less food landed in the bin. Thanks to the attention paid to this matter, chefs realised which foods come back a lot and simply adapted the servings.

There are many sides to the problem but there are also many solutions. At the centre of the effort stands sustainability but of course hotels can also lower costs with an efficient food programme.


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