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Fri, 09. Feb. 2018

20 years ago, ten founding members met in the Hotel Olden to realise the idea of a Yacht Club in the mountains, which many people considered a strange idea. Two decades later the patron, His Majesty King Constantine’s mission is still underway.

Manrico Iachia has been a member since the beginning of the second decade and is today’s Rear Commodore. At the recent annual general meeting he deemed the idea and the mission of the Club well under way: “Today the club has almost 420 members from more than 30 countries. We have over 30 relationships on four continents to clubs from Asia to South America, from Sweden to South Africa. I looked at the map and guess, I soon need to make a trip to Greenland.”

Those who do know the GYC, know that it is an integrated part of the way of life in Gstaad. If it did not exist, one would have to invent it. Peter Erzberger, founding member and Commodore, emphasises that the very active and diverse club life in Gstaad balances well with the sailing programme on different levels. “When we founded the club we put a star boat in front of the Olden that came from somebody’s career in the past. Today we look into the future. Again we help three teams to realise their Olympic dream, youngsters to learn sailing on Lake Thun, and classic boats to race in the old Corinthian style in Saint-Tropez.”

Erzberger and George Nicholson, another founding member and Honorary President, can be proud of their achievement. “We wanted to create a ‘home away from home’ with a marine flavour and found it after five years of the club’s existence. Our clubhouse is a common project that we realised with Le Grand Bellevue. I am delighted to say that our clubhouse committee under the lead of the Rear Commodore and the Managing Director has succeeded in securing it for at least another ten years, and possibly more. It is an integrated part of our club life. With its style and elegance, it is a favourite place to be and to live for our members and for
many guests.”

In collaboration with Le Grand Bellevue and the catering by Robert Speth the club house will be further adapted to the requests and needs of the members and guests.

Celebration activities will take place throughout the festive year, which starts on Wednesday, 28 February 2018 – exactly 20 years after the club’s foundation.

Gstaad Yacht Club


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