Issue 2|2018 Editorial: Crazy Ideas

Fri, 16. Feb. 2018

Crazy ideas are always crazy but only occasionally sensible or feasible or in any other way like people usually want ideas to be.

Often people actually like crazy ideas but, I would argue, most readily when they are not involved in their execution; or, even better, when the ideas are mere thought experiments that aren’t meant to exist in the real world. Everything is possible, toss it around, turn it upside down, spin it, twist it; there are no limits in your mental space.

Occasionally one comes across that kind of idea and it turns out that somebody out there actually means business. It is as if they didn’t know when the fun has to stop and you should be serious again, you know, the end of the game, reality kicking in, etc. Did their parents never teach them?

And after a while you catch yourself thinking that it might work. The crazy idea may become a regular thought and almost seem like common sense. And isn’t that crazy, too?!

Anyway, our last issue of the season contains such an idea. In the print edition I guide you to the page, online you will have to wait and guess which one I mean.

Best regard,
Markus Iseli


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