“Gstaad Authentique” Represents Regional Products

Tue, 16. Jan. 2018

The “Gstaad Authentique” label emerged out of the 2020+ Initiative and currently represents 22 products from 12 local producers. According to the team behind the label there is still plenty of room to grow.

At a recent meeting, the “Gstaad Authentique” (GA) team, local producers and partners, discussed ideas for developing the label further. According to Eric Oehrli, GA vice president, “the label stands for high quality natural products and services produced in the region”. Currently, GA markets and sells 22 products from 12 local producers. GA is not only looking to collaborate with a greater number of producers from the Saanenland, but the label is also looking for more partners, hotels and retailers that are prepared to sell GA’s certified products.

“Regional products are increasing in popularity. In some cases, they are in even greater demand than organic products,” explains Heidi Schopfer, the GA’s agricultural representative. In return for a small representation fee and a percentage of sales, Gstaad Authentique presents local producers with additional sales channels. It also encourages local businesses such as dairies, bakeries and butchers to work together to produce quality products out of local commodities such as milk, eggs and cream.

GA’s most popular product is a gift basket of local specialties. It is available in three sizes and can be ordered on the Gstaad Saanenland Tourism’s website, www.gstaad.ch.

For 2018, GA will continue to focus on growing the number of products they represent and finding new partners to collaborate with. They plan on increasing brand awareness in the local market by participating in local events and developing promotional products. “We want to gain more hotels as partners and represent more producers and products,” says Richard Müller, president of GA. The team is also contemplating organizing a special GA experience day with food tastings and children’s programme.

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What are the 22 products from the 12 local producers? Do you have a list?
Dear Stephen, Many thanks for your interest in Gstaad Authentique and your inquiry. You can find a complete lists of products via the following link from the local trade association: http://www.gewerbevereinsaanenland.ch/images/stories/gstaad_authentique/images/Bestellformular_Einzelprodukte_2017.pdf. I hope this helps. Best, Markus Publishing Director / Editor in Chief

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