Buure Metzg Excels at Meat Awards

Fri, 15. Dec. 2017

The results of the biennial Swiss Meat Association’s (SFF) quality competition are in—Buure Metzg AG has won for every single one of their five products submitted.

Over 750 sausages, hams, pies, sauces and other products from industrial butchers and larger meat companies were evaluated in the competition. Due to Buure Metzg’s excellent ratings, the Saanenland scored big. Gstaad’s legendary butcher earned gold medals for their Saanenland Dried Meat, Saanenland Mostbröckli, Saanenland Dry Bacon, and Saanenland Coppa and a silver medal for their Saanenland Cured Ham. The honors were preceded by a meticulous examination procedure with the criteria of appearance, sectional view, processing, taste and smell.

“The objectivity of the examination was ensured by two independent expert teams who reviewed the products,” says Rolf von Siebenthal of Buure Metzg.

The butcher with a federal diploma emphasizes that the products are seasoned and salted for several weeks and then spend between one to six months in the meat drying plant Saanenland GmbH in Lauenen.

For almost a year, Buure Metzg has exclusively used the distinguished "Sel des Alpes" from the Bex in neighbouring Canton Vaud. According to information from the salt mine, the salt deposits there are 200 million years old. At that time, the area was covered by sea, and on its disappearance, salt veins were left behind in the Alpine folds. In the 15th century, goatherds discovered these salt veins, and since 1554 the salt has obtained industrially.

Favouring mild products, Buure Metzg explains their motto: As little as possible, as much as necessary. The company is convinced that the special salt is one of the defining characteristics of their products, and a considerable factor in the recent award wins.


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