Pilatus Jet Sets Down in Saanen

Mon, 06. Nov. 2017

The brand new Pilatus PC-24 aircraft landed in Saanen for the first time on 26 October. During this last test phase it flew to various Swiss airfields, making two approaches in Saanen on Thursday afternoon.

The business jet left Geneva Thursday afternoon and headed for the airfield in Saanen during the last phase of the flight test. There, the pilot flew in on the runway from Gstaad, landed and turned the plane, before he briefly took off again for Rougemont. On the second landing approach from Rougemont, the plane set up only briefly and then left again to fly to other Swiss airfields.

The Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus plans to deliver the first business jet from Switzerland to its customers at the end of the year. The original prototype was tested in 2015, and the third in was tested in March this year and was presented in May in Geneva at the "European Business Aviation Exhibition".

According to Walter Egger, president of Gstaad Airport AG, the runway of the airfield in Saanen is particularly interesting for such test flights. With a usable length of 1100 meters, the runway is relatively short, perfect for jets with Pilatus airframes, which are designed to land in mountainous areas on short pistes. 


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