Hotel Solsana to Close

Fri, 10. Nov. 2017

For some time, rumours have been circulating around Hotel Solsana. Now, the hotel has announced it will shutter its doors at the end of the winter season 2017/2018. Until then, locals and guests can continue to enjoy the hotel and restaurant.

Decades ago, tuberculosis patients were the primary guests of Hotel Solsana, where they came to recover in the healthy mountain air. Since 1974, generations of the blind and visually impaired have spent unforgettable holidays and spa days at Hotel Solsana.

The owner of the hotel, the Swiss Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SBV), writes that the age of the structure and needs of its members have changed dramatically. Rebuilt specifically for the visually impaired, it features a Braille library, a large swimming pool and a 1.7 km rope path. Unfortunately, the hotel nights of their members have decreased sharply. Although online bookings have increased, the decline in visually impaired guests was not compensated for. 


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