News from Wasserngrat 2000 AG

Fri, 17. Mar. 2017

Big news from the annual general meeting of Wasserngrat 2000 AG has just been released. Philippe Gudin—whose name is synonymous with Le Rosey— has succeeded Hans Ruedi Spillman as the chairman of the board of directors. Spillman had been with the company since it was founded in 1998.

At the 17th annual general meeting of Wasserngrat 2000 AG, elections were held and several statutes were amended. Unusually, the meeting was held in February instead of August, as summer participation was quite small. Four new members took their places on the board:  Evelyne Peten (Lauenen), Rolly van Rappard (Aerdenhout/NL), Antoine Spillmann (Cheserex), and Michel Washer (Waterloo/B). Other board members were unanimously reelected, including Alexandra Caminer, Bernard Nicod, and Bruno von Allmen, as well as Hans-Ruedi Steiner as delegate. In addition to former chairman Spillman's departure, another longtime member, Knut Stroemstad, announced his retirement.

All five new board participants are members of the Eagle Club, with some having relations with the club dating back generations. The Eagle Club and Wasserngratbahn are closely connected, as club member Claude Barbey began work on the lift project in the late 1990s


New Statutes

According to the newly approved statutes, which were unanimously adopted, the board – which is made up of nine members – will undergo reelection after a term of three years rather than the previous one-year term. An age limit has also been imposed—candidates up to 70 years old may hold the position for three years, not more. As for financial statutes, registered shares may be transferred directly or indirectly, with a cap of 10% of the total number of shares, to prevent over-influence in company affairs.


Yearly Totals

The past year appeared average, and usage totals of December 2015 to March 2016 were at 167,258 slightly above the results of the 2014/15 season at 155,831. This past season started without much snow, yet snow cannons and cold temperatures ensured a 30% increase in rides in December 2016 compared to December 2015. In January 2017 usage slowed to 3,000 under the previous year, and in February there were 1,200 more rides.

Due to the postponement of the annual general meeting until February, this fiscal year includes 17 months instead of the usual 12, so a comparison with the previous year is only conditional. Transport income was up three percent to CHF 490,000. Transport income from direct sales increased 25%, due mainly to the two-hour lift pass and the Wasserngrat seasonal passes. The remaining transport income increased 47% for a total of 120,000 francs. In summary, profits totaled 27,000 francs, the company has no debts, and funds remained steady at CHF 2.94 million. 



Great coverage and analysis of Wasserngrat performance. Thank you.
Congratulations to the Wasserngrat board on your excellence in community and lift operation! With the retirements of Mr. Spill an and Mr. Stromstad, can they serve in some capacity to serve and support the Bergbahnen? I feel such wisdom would be an outstanding asset to the the Saanenland lift operation.

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