Topschau Cow Beauty Pageant

Fri, 14. Oct. 2016
Cows on display at Topschau, Photo: AvS

Cow beauty pageants are mother’s milk to Switzerland, where alpine villages have been holding such events for more than a century. Here in the Saanenland, various events will be held the week of 24 October, known as "Cow Show Week".

As a grand finale, the top bovines will strut their stuff at the legendary Topschau competition on Saturday 29 October. Dozens of the region’s most attractive cows will participate in front of a distinguished panel of local experts. In addition to the coveted award of Miss Topschau, the title of Miss Nice Udders is also handed out to the most buxom cow on the catwalk.

The Topschau competition attracts hundreds of spectators for a full day of fun. Held this year in Feutersoey, the event will team with folk music and yodelling, and there will be plenty of cheese and wine on hand. This is a great chance to take in some of the region’s finest bovines while cheering on your favourite. The competition will begin at 10:30 am.


Would it be possible to please also offer a COW MILKING CONTEST, where milkers milk cows by hand-the old fashioned, challenging, original way. The milker who milks the most milk in an hour wins. This would be a more interesting event than country night.

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