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  10.11.2015 Archiv

In the Simmentaler category, Miss Topschau, went to Studer Letizia, owned by Markus and Jörg Gander. Earning Miss Nice Udders was Michael Reichenbach’s Denis Leonie. In the Holstein category, Lorenz Bach’s Shottle Becare won Miss Topschau, while Miss Nice Udders was awarded to three-year old Iota Levana, owned by Alexander Gobeli.


Please see our photo gallery below:

Contestants were paraded in a ring around the crowds.

Photo: Vreni Müllener

Breeders are thrilled when their cows are chosen as finalists.

Photo: Vreni Müllener


This year featured a calf and youth competition.

Photo: Vreni Müllener


Holstein finalists with winner Miss Topschau Shottle Becare (Lorenz Bach) second from right.

Photo: Vreni Müllener

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