Saanenland Scores Higher Tourist Count in September

Mon, 16. Nov. 2015

After a bumpy start to 2015, the latest tourism figures show reason for cautious celebration.
Throughout Switzerland, September 2015 figures are comparable to those from September 2014, with a small increase of 1%.

In the Bernese Oberland, overnight stays increased as well, bringing an additional 10,000 guests to the region. 

Looking at the national makeup of guests, the Swiss were more likely to spend their holidays abroad in September 2015 compared to 2014. They accounted for a 2,5% decrease in overnight stays (approximately 39,000 fewer guests). Foreign guests increased minimally, with 1,8 million overnight stays, a small jump of 0,3%. In total, the touristic year 2015 saw overnight stays total 28,5 million, showing a 0,5% higher figure than 2014. 

The biggest loss of tourists was, unsurprisingly, from the euro region. With the National Bank of Switzerland’s unexpected abandoning of the cap on the franc’s value against the euro in January 2015, European guests saw their currency plummet. Overall, Sepetember 2015 decrease was 9,4%, or 105,000 overnight guests. Guests from other parts of the world included Asians at 25,9% of total guests, Americans at 4,2%, Africa at 10,3%, and Oceania at 3,3%.

Nine of Switzerland’s 14 tourist regions saw a decrease, with Ticino, Valais, and Graubünden the biggest losers. Regions that saw an increase included Zürich, Luzern, and our region, the Bernese Oberland.



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