Drama in Lauenen: Actor Couple Who Managed Wildhorn Will Leave March 2016

Sun, 22. Nov. 2015

Photo: ZvG
After a tenuous run, Isabelle von Siebenthal and husband Hans Schenker will leave the Hotel Wildhorn in March 2016.

The well-known actors took over three years ago and brought a touch of their theatrical nature to the hotel, with a modern restyling of the barand eclectic atmosphere that set it apart from the traditional establishments in Lauenen.

The changes were apparently not welcomed by all patrons and the couple saw several acts of vandalism at the property. An unknown attacker targeted the cow sculpture named Ingrid outside the hotel earlier this year, smearing it with manure and straw.  The animosity became unliveable for von Siebenthal and Schenker, who announced they would leave the hotel at the end of the upcoming winter season. Sadly, von Siebenthal succumbed to the stress of the situation, suffering a nervous breakdown as a result.

Schenker, who enjoys considerable fame in the entertainment world, has not take the events of the past few years laying down, and gave many interviews in the Swiss and German press. He has even stirred up controversy with sarcastic YouTube videos criticising the situation.

Yet despite couple’s departure announcement, which pleased some locals including a woman interviewed by the newspaper Blick, another act of vandalism has been perpetrated. Last week, the four small birch tress in front of the Wildhorn were cut and thrown in the hotel’s garden and the chains of lights that adorn the infamous cow statue were severed.

In a show of tenacity, Schenker has declared he will return 22 December to finish the winter season—with or without his ailing wife.


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