Holy Cow! Saanenland Bovines Take Top Honours

  15.05.2015 Archiv

Each year, more than several dozen of the region’s most attractive cows participate before a distinguished panel of local experts.


The Prettiest Cow on the Catwalk

At the conclusion of the spring exhibition season, two local brothers have done very well for themselves. The region’s top prize, Miss BEA, was awarded to Stephan and Jonathon Perreten’s Petra. The four-year old pure Simmental has an impressive season behind her. In March, the Oberland Association voted her runner-up to “Miss Nice Udders” and at the pure breed show in Thun in April, she won the Miss title. Here in Gstaad, Petra also won the Simmental title at the official cow show held at the ice-skating arena each year. 

Ueli Bach's top-level cows with head of household Wolta, at far right.

All in the Family

While the Canton’s top bovines strut their stuff at the legendary Topschau and BEA competitions, there are also a bevy of smaller events and honours, including a bovine breeding award. Four Saanenland families recently obtained a Class A level for their excellent animal husbandry. 

The highest score of 95 went to Wolta, Ueli Bach’s 16-year-old Simmental from Turbach and her family. At 88 points, the Swiss-German Simmental cow family with “head of household” Angela went to Michael Perreten from Feutersoey. The pure Simmental clan of Furka fetched 85 points for owners Benz and Björn Brand of Lauenen; last but not least, 77 points were awarded to the Swiss-Simmental Wanda, from the stable of Emil Haldi, Saanen.

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