Letter from the Editor--July 12, 2013

  12.07.2013 Archiv

Putting together this issue of GSTAADLIFE underscored all of the wonderful options available to tourists and locals alike – from hiking in the Alps and attending world-class sporting events to listening to the very best in classical music.  



Love is in the mountain air

All manner of love features in this edition. There’s the love of nature, as illustrated by our exclusive interview with the Saanenland’s own Dr Doolittle, Bert Inäbnit, whose passion for the great outdoors informs every aspect of his life. 

There’s the love of local deer and their young, as expressed by the Fawn Rescue Group of Saanen. We’ll tell you all about this dedicated group’s hair-raising attempts to save baby deer from the hazard of riding lawnmowers.

Then there’s the love of the spectacular landscape itself. We’ll show you where to go and where to stop – including the newly renovated Geltenhütte, just one of several mountain huts where you can stop to enjoy a cold drink, warm meal, or even catch some ZZZs after a challenging romp up the hillside. 


For the love of the game

If summer sports are your one true love, you’ve come to the right place. On the slate this month are two big events guaranteed to please even the most discriminating sports fan. First, the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam finals take the spotlight on July 14. Second, the Swiss Open Gstaad runs July 20 to 28 – and unless you’ve been hiding out high in the Alpine wilderness, you already know that last-minute entry Roger Federer will be stealing all the thunder on the clay court.

If you prefer style to sweat, get your game on at Le Grand Bellevue, now open for business after a magic-wand makeover. Try their Bellevue Smash – a fresh concoction of gin and raspberries. Have more than two and smash will take on a whole new meaning. If you love music, you’ll love our story on the Menuhin Festival. This two-month extravaganza offers fans a full schedule of concerts, all carefully designed to reflect its 2013 “Water” theme. 


Love, luck and what I wore

Sometimes, deciding what to wear is as big a challenge as deciding what to do while you wear it. As a recent transplant, I’m living out of my Samsonite as I continue the seemingly impossible hunt for an apartment. The wide range of activities on Gstaad’s summer calendar demands a versatile wardrobe, the likes of which do not fit into your ordinary suitcase. 

I’m at a loss as I debate my summer wardrobe: Miu Miu or Mammut? Capris or cocktail dresses? Black or white? Fortunately, columnist M. Theodoracopolus shares a secret with us: What you wear doesn’t matter, as long as it isn’t black. One local needs no such reminder: Carol Asscher, who favours la vie en rose in summer, as evidenced by her carefully colour-coordinated party, detailed in our Lifestyle section by
J. Piromallo.


The (short) summer of love

While there’s a lot to love about summer here, there’s not a lot of it to love. Meteorologically speaking, this summer won’t go down as the nicest in history, with snow falling until mid-June. But now, the sun has arrived and the warm weather is perfect for the host of activities we’ve covered in this issue of GSTAADLIFE.

On that note, please excuse me – there’s simply too much to do and too little time!

All best,


Alexis Munier

Editor in Chief

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