Index of areas at risk in Real Estate Bubble

  20.01.2013 Archiv


Light red: monitoring areas / Dark red: risk areas.

The real estate market in Switzerland is currently thriving. Partly due to the low rates of return in the financial sector, meaning that property has become an increasingly attractive investment option.Since Switzerland is also a popular destination for immigration, this also ensures a constant demand for living space and real estate. This trend has an impact on the Saanenland according to UBS’s Real Estate Bubble index, our region is considered a risk area.

Saanenland has risen in the index. Last year, the UBS Swiss Real Estate Bubble index ranked Saanenland as a “monitoring area”, which meant it was under careful observation.

Only one year later, it is now considered as a risk area. This means the region is in the same category as the areas surrounding Basel, Zurich, Limmattal, Pfannenstiel, Zimmerberg, Zug, Geneva and the almost purely tourist destinations of Davos and Oberengadin.

The “monitoring” areas are now Nidwalden, Innerschwyz, Basel-City, Knonaueramt and Glattal-Furttal.

Switzerland as a whole reached a level of 1.02 points on the Real Estate Bubble index in the third quarter of 2012. This is the first time the country has reached this level of risk since the 1990s. 




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